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RE: Roger in The Blender

>From: Buck House 
>Subject: Re: Roger in The Blender
>You're not missing much.  This is nearly identical to an interview that was

>posted a few weeks ago from a different publication.  But, since I know we 
>are trying to Capture and Own, I will indulge.

First off, thanks Jeff....I mean Buck....I mean.....Awe hell, you know what
I mean.
Don't you?  I knows what I mean but I can't.........

>The Who have always played third fiddle to the Beatles and the Stones, 

Zep fans take note!!!!!

>But albums aren't the only things on Daltrey's mind. He's also in the 
>planning stages of a movie about former Who drummer Keith Moon. And he's 
>already talked to comedian Mike Myers and the UK's cheekiest singer, Robbie

>Williams, to possibly star as the rambunctious Moon.

Good to hear this is still in the works.

Thanks again,
Kevin in VT