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Re: The Who Ultimate Collection

> I haven't seen any postings about the new "Ultimate" collection set
> (perhaps i just missed them). Has anybody bought it? What do you think?

Here's my little review from a few days ago:

While in Columbus yesterday I picked up the ULTIMATE COLLECTION
greatest hits release.  The girl behind the counter said it was a promo copy
& that seems to be the case since there's a small, round cut-out hole within
the bar code on the back cover.

Two CD's plus the four-song bonus disc, all for $9.99.  Pretty fair price.
The track list has already been posted, so no need to go over that.  Every-
thing sounded pretty decent to me, however, "Legal Matter," "I'm A Boy," 
& "Call Me Lightning" seemed kind of shrill & lacked any bottom end. I
even heard some crackly distortion on some of the "Legal Matter" vocal 
track.  Booklet says all songs are "remastered from the original mixes by 
Jon Astley."

The lead vocal track on "Boris" sounded louder to me.  "Magic Bus" seem-
ed to have a lengthier bit of maraca playing at the beginning, before the a-
coustic guitar comes in.  And "See Me, Feel Me" starts with kind of a jar-
ring edit, as the "We're Not Gonna Take It" part proper is left out. 

Four-song bonus disc was in a separately shrink-wrapped cardboard 
sleeve.  Back cover says:

    1. Substitute (Rare U.S. Single Version) 2'58
    2. I'm A Boy (Early Version) 3'17
    3. Happy Jack (Acoustic Version - Previously Unreleased) 2'50
    4. Magic Bus (U.K. Single Version) 3'15

"Substitute" of course is the version with the "....feet walk back" lyrics.  "I'm
A Boy" is like the MBBB version but oddly starts right where the vocal be-
gins ("One girl was called....") & leaves out the intro part altogether.  "Happy
Jack" (acoustic version) *was* previously released on the A QUICK ONE 
reissue as anticipated.  I'm not sure what's different about "Magic Bus" (UK
version) unless it's something to do with the mix.  It's not the longer version,
that I do know.

Nice 26-page booklet which contains a perfunctory Who history synopsis,
CD tracks with recording dates, etc., & also a few "un-run-of-the-mill" pic-

Issued by UTV Records & MCA.

- SCHRADE in Akron