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Re: Eminence Front/Livin' With A Drunk

The WHO has always and will always work best with one guitar.  I maintain
that only bad things can happen with Simon, or any second guitarist,
playing with the WHO.  Nothing against Simon, just against the concept.

I think back to 1989 and the early incarnations of the Quad tour.

I hope I am wrong, but the 2002 tour could be boring.

That being said, the WHO in any format is welcome.  Who am I, they can do
whatever they want.
--- "Buck L. Up ItsGoingToBeABumpyNight" <whocasa@hotmail.com> wrote:
> From: "Jon Dawson" <thirdofnever@hotmail.com>
> "Why is Pete using "Eminence Front" as an example of the songs that are
> too complicated without Simon?  Haven't they been playing this song at
> concerts regularly since '82?"
> Also, The JEB performed this with one guitar.  I think it works best
> with 2.
> Buck
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