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Moonie's Demise

I watched 'Who's Better Who's Best' last night just to review.
I think considering where Keith was in his life at that time he
did an amazing performance, EXCELLENT as a matter of fact.  Judging
from his facial expressions I could tell though that it was all
he could do to keep it together.

It's been said that Keith would be able to play well for maybe an
hour or two a day and after that he was no good.  There have been
times when I've played my drums drunk and I've been very much the
same way.  I'll be very inspired, seemingly sound very good and
turn around and 30 seconds later anything that I would play would
just be crap.  It must have been the same way for Keith in that 
he had so much drugs and junk rushing around in his system that it would
be very difficult for him to hold it together for very long.
Especially the style of his was very physically demanding.

One other thing, if you compare this take of 'Who Are You' with
'A Quick One' on R&R Circus you can really tell how much of a
decline Keith was in.  Keith on that take of AQO his so tight,
you can especially tell by listening to his double bass drums.  Where
with the WAY take his timing is much more looser.

Anyway, since you asked:)

Beau (Who goes by the tune of a different drummer) McCrury


Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 19:22:59 -0500
From: Brian Cady <cadyb@home.com>
Subject: Re: Moonie's Demise...

What do you drummers and non-drummers think of the video version of "Who Are
You" from "The Kids Are Alright"/"Who's Better Who's Best?"  I think it has
more bang than the album version.

		-Brian in Atlanta