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Thomas, Closets, it's a Riot, The Jam, and thanks

> Wow...I too have been listening to Tommy for the better part of three
> decades and interpret the end as saying that Tommy, hurt by the rejection
> of the would-be followers he tried to help, recoils back into himself
> me feel me..."), but does not revert to deaf/dumb/blindness, instead
> carrying on with normal senses but realizing that he himself is all he
> to rely on ("Listening to You" being addressed to himself).


I've always taken it to mean the followers actually gouged his eyes out,
and so on. But that's just how I saw it. You are certainly entitled to your
read, and there is nothing definite on the album.

> This reminds me of nothing so much as staens tht used to be made about
> homosexuals in societies where homosexuality was "the love which dares
> speak its name".  Homosexuals came out of the closet...how long until
> users can do the same?

As long as the liquor industry and organized crime have lobbies to keep it
illegal, probably never.

> Perhaps with that famous cocaine user, Sherlock
> Holmes, as their poster boy?

Good one, but I wasn't thinking about coke actually. Some drugs are just
too dangerous.

> Did you know that after 15 plus years Quiet Riot still plays live?

Leo, you're scaring me.

> The main reason I say this is The Jam...
> They were THE singles band of the 70's and HEAVILY influenced by The 
> Who...they even covered a couple of songs..


The Jam were one of the greatest Rock bands ever.

> Anyone who does'nt know their stuff - I urge you - buy Greatest Hits..
> you will never look back....

BUT I disagree with you here. They should go ahead and get the boxed set,
so they'll have it all. Anything less isn't going to be enough.

> Nice one mark.

Thanks. I like it.