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Fwd: Re: The Dirt Jobs

what were the other Kubri connections?
the only one I can think of was Jack Nicholson/Tommy/Shining
Scorsese featured the Who in films (esp Casino - great Live Magic Bus)

there was also a snippet of I can see for miles in appollo 13

>Jeremy Craine wrote:
>> The comment/question I have is directed towards anyone who is 
>> with the "A Clockwork Orange" film/soundtrack(1971)...
>> Stanley Kubrik seems to favour a similar type of music as used in 
>> Dirty Jobs"..
>> it reappears in "The Shining" ...
>> Anyone else noticed the extreme similar sounding synth's used in
>> Clockwork Orange and Dirty Jobs...?
>If you used a lot of synths in the early '70's it would be very 
difficult to
>avoid being influenced by Walter (later Wendy) Carlos.  From 
"Switched-On Bach"
>on he/she was one of the greatest early synth artists.
>Good!  Another Kubrick/Who connection!
>			-Brian in Atlanta

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