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Re: Moonie's Way

Pilam76@aol.com wrote:
> who else would you rather have than keith???  his drumming was off, but he
> brought a fire to the band..after his death, their music wasnt the
> same...kenny jones was a good drummer, but he wasnt as wild and in 82 farewell
> tour, their music was sterile and bland....keith lit a fire under the bands
> ass...simon phillips, drummer on 89 tour was like keith and that was why the
> who liked him!

	Simon Phillips is a FANTASTIC drummer!  I've been playing drums going
on 20 years now myself (I was only 5 when I started.......yeah RIGHT :)
	ANYWAY, the band Toto are the extremely fortunate receipitants of Mr.
Phillips drum prowess today.  I've only seen Simon in one performance,
and that's Tho Who's final performance of the '89 reunion tour where
they do the entire Tommy show along with their greatests afterwards! 
That guy does a hell of a drum job on that video tape that I USED to
have before my ex-VCR had eaten it!!