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this is INSANE!!!!!

Dear Internet User,

It is in my best intentions to inform you, the
Internet user, that there is a person who resides
at this address, namely my Mother Cornelia who 
probably has made some sort of contact with you
in one way, shape  or form.

It is my understanding that this has been reason for
multitudes of negative responses which have filled
out the mailbox of this specific site with very
tedious content.

I try my best to nip these situations in the bud
when I can, but lately, tied down with multiple
tasks and chores related to the project of cleaning
up and looking out for my mothers "accidents".....
Well....It can make a guy get a little behind.

If you knew what it was like to clean up lunch
2 hours after it's eaten, then you may have some
sympathy with my consumed time.

I beg of you - Do not fill this mailbox with
hatred towards my mentally challenged mother.
We let her use the Internet as a way to release
bottled up veangence. Its safe, harmless and
all in good fun.

Trust me, she doubles over in laughter as you
people reply. 

In a way you are entertaining my lovely Mom 
and helping me keep an eye on her.

But I warn you, if you can't take the joke,
well, don't blame either of us. There are 
such keys as delete keys that control such
actions, and i won't stand for unwanted
trash in this mailbox! 
I don't want it!
It's stupid, and will go unread!!

Now I will do my part and calm down Mother,
but you must do your's and leave us alone.

Thank you.
A friend.
Stephen M. Pohdy

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