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Keith on Howard Stern

Happy Wednesday, we're halfway to the finish line.  (My apologies to anyone from Finland)

On Howard Stern this morning, they were playing a Rock and Roll trivia game inspired by a book called "Rock Stars Do The Dumbest Things", or something like that.  Anyway, one of the questions was:  "Who once wore a Nazi uniform and goose-stepped through a Jewish neighborhood yelling 'sieg heil'?  Was it Keith Moon or (couldn't remember)."  Anyway, Keith got a great laugh from Howard and Co.

And now for something completely different...  Does anyone know if there is any video available of Pete politely asking Abbie Hoffman to leave the stage during Woodstock?  I would love to see it.  Although the Maximum R&B recording of the incident is excellent, it just serves to tease, now I have to see it!  Thanks.

Until next time...

Jim in Chicago

PETE (referring to "Young Man Blues" songwriter Mose Allison):  "...I read somewhere that he was actually a 'Jazz Sage', quite what that is, I don't know."

KEITH:  "A flavor of chicken."