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I wrote:
>But reading/knowing/whatever
>about the man and his ideas helps give the music meaning.  Especially
>as obtuse as Tommy.
Alan wrote:
"Obscure", yes.  "Abstruse", yes.  "Obtuse"???
Webster's:  "Lacking sharpness or quickness of sensibility."

Me again:

Tommy is one of my favorite works of art.  I love entering the new world
created by the Overture.  But I have a hard time coming up with a clear
plot synopsis.  I have a synopsis in my head, but the lyrics don't quite add
up.  It's like a dream;  I  know what it's about, but when I try to tell someone
about the events of my dream, I find loopholes in time and logic.

Abstruse may be a better word, but I'm not sure.  I think maybe Tommy
is both abstruse and obtuse.  But it's just semantics, and I hope my original
point (that understanding the man helps you understand the music) is clear.

Long Live Rock!!!
Howard Powers