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Tommy in New York City - I want you to join toghether with my plan.

First off I'd like to thank everone who replied to my message.

Now here's my plan: Someone find a broadway connection in New York and 
we'll form some kinda petition to put Tommy back on!

*I will see Tommy, Oh yes ... I will see Tommy* 
Sorry having a bit of a Wayne's World moment there.

Are there are any other suggestions besides and Gallager type 
shows[Jason] (Unless it's Smashing Pumkins!) or anything having to do 
with people banging on trash cans for 2 hours and claiming to be a 
musical, please let me know. I've herd Phantom of the Opera is pretty 
good (someone send me the basic story on that if possible) and I saw 
RENT on TV once it wouldn't mind seeing it again.

Thanks again,
Brian Wright

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