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Who-sker Du

Hey Dawser,

If you're still in the Husker Du mode and looking for a good starter 
disk, here are a couple of ideas for a first Husker purchase:

1.  Warehouse:  Songs and Stories - a good starter because this was the 
Husker's first and only "commercial" album released.  Coincidentally, it 
was their last release as a group.  It's a good starter because it's not 
as hard edged as the other Husker albums. It's harder than granite 
compared to most bands, but for the Huskers, it was pretty low key.  
Very enjoyable tunes.

2.  New Day Rising - A full blown assault on your listening abilities. 
The songs are hardcore but the melodies are still there.  Kind of like 
the Beatles on speed and Jolt Cola.

3.  Flip Your Wig - Same as New Day above, but contains the song "Divide 
and Conquer" which could be their greatest song ever.  

NOTE:  Hold back on getting Zen Arcade until you're more familiar with 
the band.  It is a MONSTER recording and could possibly scare the shit 
out of you.  If you doubt my word on any of these selections, just ask 
Pamela in Wisco.  She'll steer you right too.  Besides, if you love The 
Who, then I'm sure you'll find something you'll like/love in Husker Du.

Pamela, am I right?

Have a great week all....

Jim in Chicago

"Goodbye Sister Disco, take me where the music fits my soul..."  PT

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