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PT weekly quote #10

When I think back to the days at the Marquee -- we got a regular Tuesday
night residency, which was a big coup for us because we didn't even have a
record out.  The first night, there were maybe fifty people, the next
night, two hundred, and after that we were packing it in.  We were a cult
within a cult -- our whole audience was nineteen years old, as we were --
and there's a great feeling of affirmation when the audience knows thay're
sharing in the success; they're making the success happen as well.  So you
become incredibly close.  The two or three thousand people who regularly
attended the Marquee residency -- I think I know them all by their first
 -- Pete Townshend (quoted in _Rock Talk_ by Joe & John J Kohut, Faber &
Faber: Boston, London, 1994, p. 159-60).

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