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Rock Opera firsts and others

First off, Paul, you said:

>I thought Al Capone had died in prison before The Who ever existed.  
>How'd he get that Tommy Gun into the pen?

After I said:

>Yes, there are a lot of Who fans from Chicago apparently on this >list.
>Myself included.  Did you know that Al Capone had his favorite Tommy 
>designed to look like Keith Moon's Pictures of Lily drums?

Paul my friend, I hope you're putting me on.  Because if you think I was 
serious, then I have some property I want to sell you.  Old Scarface had 
a lot of power, but not that much.

Rock Opera firsts:  "Tommy" or the Kink's "Arthur"?  That sounds like 
the competition between Bell and Marconi (was it Marconi?) to get the 
invention of the telephone patented first.  Both worked on it 
simultaneously and seperately, but only one got the credit.  Sound like 
Tommy and Arthur?  Another of the "firsts" Pete got credit for is the 
use of synthesisers composed for "Who's Next".  Now we all know that 
synthesisers had been in use before then, however, Pete gets the credit 
because his was the first SUCCESSFUL use of synths on a rock record.  At 
least, that's how I interpet it.

The Moonie flick:  I agree with the dude that said simply having 
DeNiro's name attatched is good for the film.  I also agree that Roger 
collaborating with him would make an even better film.  The question was 
asked, "who cares about Keith Moon and his excessive lifestyle in the 
90's?"  I also agree with the same dude (sorry I forgot your name) that 
"sex, drugs, and rock and roll" sell tickets.  Who could top Moonie in 
the S, D, & R and R department?  I think the interest is there already, 
just plug Moonie into the mix.  The ultimate tragi-comedy.

Alright, that's all of the babble I have time for.  Have a great weekend 
fellow Who-ligans.

Find of the week:  I found a concert video of the Who's performance at 
the I.O.W.  It's shot out of sequence and there's some stock footage 
tossed in parts of songs.  Also, the whole set is not included.  But - 
the sound quality is excellent, and the direction is pretty solid.  It 
was well worth the twelve bucks.  It's approx 85 minutes long and I was 
rocking to all of it.  Good weekend campers!

"There's a guitar up here for any big-mouthed little git who wants to 
come and fuckin' take it from me."  PT 

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