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"Little Wing" on Face Dances

On Wed, 11 Nov 1998, Alan McKendree wrote:

> ObWho:  Speaking of Pete's influences, listen to the Face Dances reissue:
> can you spot the musical quotes from "Little Wing" and "Sloop John B"?
> Anyone?

The Little Wing quote must be the very beginning of "I Like Nightmares."
It sounds A LOT like the beginning of Little Wing.  It's more obvious with
the Derek and the Dominos version than with the Hendrix version.  Poor
Pete!  I really believe to this day he is obsessed with Jimi Hendrix and
has always felt he was never able to compete with Hendrix, as if he even
needed to compete with him.  I'll never forget seeing (sort of) the Who in
'89 for the first time when they played Hey Joe.  What an amazing solo
Pete came up with!  It was as if the ghost of Hendrix had reached down and
anointed Pete for a few moments, at least.  Really a great moment in a
great show.  My guess is he lifted Little Wing unintentionally; it
probably came from his subconscious.  Don't recall Sloop John B offhand.

Speaking of the Face Dances reissue, I think both I Like Nightmares and
Somebody Saved Me should've been on the origninal album because they're
better than some of the songs that made the original.  It's In You is
mediocre though and didn't belong on the original, so they made a good
choice there.

Lovey Dovey,

Bill Watson