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Re: Bernd, White Fang, Gary L., etc.

There are at least three lists from thewho.net, including 1) Oddsandsods 
for Who-related discussion, which has been running quite well just 
lately (aside from some technical problems) 2) Daltrey, obvious subject, 
also running well, and 3) Whofans for marginal Who related discussion.  
Information on all these is available from the list monitor 
scsmith@thewho.net.  Oddsandslobs was an independent temporary list 
which formed a while back when Oddsandsods was down.  It has since 
closed up shop.


>From: emilyjackson@webtv.net (Emily Jackson)
>Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 19:17:13 -0600 (CST)
>To: thewho@igtc.com
>Subject: Re: Bernd, White Fang, Gary L., etc.
>>This stuff doesn't come from igtc.com and has
>>*nothing* to do with the igtc list. The reason you
>>are getting this stuff is because you signed up
>>for a totally unconnected list called 'whofans'.
>I don't know about "whofans" (I thought it had been changes to
>"oddsandslobs"), but White Fang definitely haunts the oddsandsods list,
>which may be the list you have in mind.

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