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Re: Before I Get Old

Jon, re:

>Over the weekend I found and bought a copy of Dave Marsh's biography "Before
I Get Old."  Before I spend a lot of time reading it and taking it seriously,
does anyone know how accurate this book is?

I'm probably the book's biggest critic. The first half of the book is great
as it spends a lot of time in the "early years", but as it goes on, it's
rushed and lobsided. You'll get the impression that Marsh looked up at the
clock and said, "time to finish up... quick!" From what I understand Roger
and John aren't happy with the book at all and I don't blame them. When I met
Irish Jack (a key interviewee in the book) at The Who Fest, he thought the
book was a pile of <Picard> too! Personally, I think Dave Marsh is one of the
key factors in Pete Townshend's lack of "enthusiasm" for The Who and even now
solo recording...