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Re: Live Boxed Set -Reply

>	Young Man Blues, 1970, London Coliseum (also on "The Kids Are
>Alright."  The best version, imho.  Certainly some of Pete's best,
>loudest and most robust guitar work.)
>Have you heard the version on the recently released Pure Rock
>Theater.  This one also has some great guitar work from Pete.  IMHO,
>either this version or the version on Accept no Substitute is my
>favorite.  One of them should be released on any upcoming live


Actually, I was trying to focus on two things with my choices:
1) versions of songs we don't have...like My Generation live in `65, as
opposed to the one on LEEDS or after.
2) unreleased songs.

I would rather have a different version of a song like YMB, which was
released on LEEDS. Do we need another `69-`70 version? We shouldn't waste
this chance...which is already shrinking before our eyes...with another
version of something that is already out there. Right? I get the distinct
feeling that this will be it. The present enthusiasm for The Who on the
corporate level may not (probably won't, if history has taught us anything)
last. Unfortunately.

   Cheers                              ML