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RE: PT - NYC '93Sun Dec 7 12:53:45 PST 1997

It's the Psychoderelict show that's on video with a few extra songs. Sound
quality great. I paid $50.


From: 	John Hamilton[SMTP:hamilton@cfht.hawaii.edu]
Sent: 	Monday, December 18, 1995 4:51 AM
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Subject: 	PT - NYC '93

you wrote:
Does anyone have any info on an import titled Pete Townshend -
NYC '93?  It's a 90 buck item  (!!!!!)

Whoa! you can mail order this 2CD set far cheaper (try half the price!)
Don't get ripped off!

MGR2151-2CD     TOWNSHEND,PETE/MUSIC MUST CHANGE,USA 1993                  36,00

mail order from Germany from magiccom.  Reliable company good service.
URL: http://www.tecc.co.uk/magiccom/magic.html

Naunheimer Str.6
56294 Gappenach - Germany
Fon +49-2654-987010
Fax +49-2654-987012

They even take credit cards!

John (a satisfied magiccom customer)