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Re: Re[2]: Good news from England!

>On Thu, 14 Dec 1995, Mark Leaman wrote:
>> 10) The Real Me
>Tommy gets it's own full CD & Quad only gets one song?  I'd at the VERY
>least include Bell Boy to hear Keith wail, though I'd say if Tommy gets a
>CD why shouldn't Quad (I'm sure they could piece together enough songs
>where the backing tapes worked right from all the tapes they have), and I
>don't even consider myself a huge fan of Quad, either. 
>> 12) It's Hard
>I'd like to see Cry If You Want, though It's Hard would be a pretty close 
>second from that album.


As a big QUAD fan, I would like to have an entire concert version. A whole
disk. And Bell Boy is another great choice, but The Real Me live has a lot
of energy.
And Cry If You Want wouldn't break my heart either. I think, and this is
only my opinion, that they should (with the 5 disk format) have all of the
early singles versions coming from the early years, and the later CDs
concentrate on the later material. Even from the album concerts.
Another game I'd like to play here is to compile a list of what should go on
the 5 disk set, cut by cut. If I had time now I'd begin...but have any of
you any ideas? Keep in mind that it would be set up like this:
Disk 1: `64-`68
Disk 2: TOMMY & Summertime Blues
Disk 3: `71-`72
Disk 5: `74-`89

     Cheers                           ML