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Joe Walsh influenced by Pete

Joe Walsh was definetly influenced by Pete. Especially after Walsh opened
up for Pete in Cleveland in the Early 70's with his rocking group James
Gang. If you get any James Gang cd or Lp...definetly get "James Gang Rides
Again". The guitar work on there is incredible. Joe also gave Pete a
beautiful Gretsch guitar which Pete played in the Rainbow Concert show in
1973 and other shows throughout his career...but very rarely does he take
it out these days. Whatta beautiful guitar sound that thing makes! Anyone
heard Pete play that guitar live?

Walsh also made a solo Lp called Barnstorm in 1972 at the same time as Pete
made his first solo Lp Who Came first. He even uses an Arp Synthesizer like
Pete which is really cool....you can hear Who's Next faintly in his work.
For people who bore easily beware: this album is very acoustic and
calm...no wild stuff on here, but it's still an excellent album if you can
find it on Lp or cd.