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'is 'earin'

> 'e got 'is beepin' ears blown out, mate... I did too, under the careful audio eye of a Hiwatt.
> Actually much of it came from one Who concert back in '76... Is my tale tall enough?
> Somewhere along the line you
> figure it out, and lay off the really harsh high frequencies for which Hiwatts are notorious.
> (a la the "dying cow" at Woodstick).  Or you're Pete, and keep on going till you get pops and whistles
> in addition to the extreme tinnitis.... 
> So, in conclusion, all self respecting English rock stars in their early fifties have:
> 1) swollen, cracked livers, 2) profound hearing loss 3) lots of - very interesting - cooties...
> Back on the Who vein, there was that bit about hearing Townshend says in the cinematic version of
> The Kids Are Alright that was cut out of the video release ....... That was in '78, when he mighta 
> had a chance to slow down the progression of the disease.... Naahhh, he was WAY too late....

Forget the Hiwatts.  Pete did serious damage to his hearing the day
they taped the Smothers Brothers TV show.  Keith overdid it (like
anything else he was involved with) with flash powder in his left
bass drum.  When it exploded, Pete was right there with his hair
singed.  If you don't get permanent damage from that, you're already