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Replying to a bunch of questions

I thought I'd reply to a bunch of questions (both Who-related and not) in 
one single post.  Some of these I'd like to just send as personal 
messages, but I've deleted everyone's address.

Re: Led Zeppelin

>Are you sure that it's Plant that came up with those Blues songs? 
>I would have thought it was Page.

Both were big blues fans; Plant was especially into Robert Johnson and 
and R&B.

>I've heard a rumor that the bass part on You Really Got Me (the original
>recording) was played by Jimmy Page.  Has anyone else heard this?

As somebody else mentioned, the rumor is that Page played lead guitar on 
the song.  I've spoken to Doug Hinman (author of The Kinks' biography) 
and a couple other Kinks experts, and the general consensus is that Page 
did not play lead guitar on that song.  He may have, however, played lead 
guitar on the demo versions of the song, with Dave Davies copying him for 
the final take.  Page also played some rhythm guitar on the first Kinks 
album, but he never played lead guitar or bass with them.

>Also, a fun fact about Led Zeppelin:  Except for Bonham, all the other
>three band members were at one point bassists.

Partly true.  Page played bass with the Yardbirds for a few weeks and 
also used it on a few sessions; But I don't think there's any recorded 
evidence of Robert Plant playing bass; he used one during the '86 Zep 
reunion rehearsals... and he pretends to play one during the "Rockestra" 
finale at Kampuchea, but it's not even plugged in!

Re: Michael Shrieve and Santana

>>I believe Mike Shrieve was 15 years old when he joined
>>Santana, but he had probably grown to the ripe old age of
>>16 or 17 by the time of Woodstock.
>I always thought that Neil what's his name from Journey,
>Schon, was 15 when he joined up with Carlos. Can it be that
>both Neil and Mike were kids when they did Woodstock? I dunno.

Schon was also 15 or 16 when he joined Santana, but that didn't happen 
until after Woodstock (1970 or 1971).

Re: Kenney Jones solo single

>What's so strange about this? It wasn't until the supergroups, starting with
>the Beatles, that anybody could afford to produce and market an entire album
>at the beginning of their career. 

This was a time when singles were the mold, and it didn't cost record 
companies too much money to produce a single or two.

Well, that's it for now.