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RE: Who By NumbersSun Dec 7 12:53:45 PST 1997

>Or, if
>        demos and outtakes or unused songs can't be found, I wouldn't
>object to
>        live versions. The question remains what WBN songs the band performed
>        live. We know of Squeeze Box (yech) and Dreaming From the Waist,
>but did
>        they do anything else from that album in 75 or 76?
>        Jim

	I saw that '75 tour right after WBN came out, & remember how odd it seemed that the only song from the album they played was "Squeeze Box" (again yech; they must have thought so too, they certainly didn't have their heart in that one!). The best versions I ever heard them do of some of the "Quadrophenia" numbers though, especially a long, tight "Drowned".
	I would have enjoyed particularly a live version of "Slip Kid..."