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Re: Join(ing) Together.

At 3:45 12/2/95, The Who Mailing List wrote:
>Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 11:47:49 +0500 (GMT+0500)
>From: suman nambiar <suman@iimb.ernet.in>
>Subject: Join(ing) Together.
>         Just a little anecdote. I have this friend of mine who knows I'm
>an absolute nutcase where The Who are concerned, but she used to be a
>little bemused at my reactions where that particular group were
>concerned: like `why do you react so violently' etc.etc.

I was asked that once by a professor of organ here at the Univeristy (of
Texas).  I could explain (heh) pretty well, but I don't think he ran out to
check them out as a result.  He's in his 60's, classically trained, etc...

 The other day she
>said she hadn't heard them any too well, so I fished out one of those
>innumerable Greatest Hits tapes (this one had all the usual + My Wife and
>The Incomparable, The Magnificent -  RELAY) and gave it to her. The next
>night she comes up to me looking AWED and says `MY GOD! MY GOD!' for a
>couple of minutes. She looks like a convert for life

Ain't it great?  I've had that happen to me once or twice.  The most
memorable wasn't quite the equivalent of your experience with your friend,
but I played "Tommy" straight through for a friend who was Who-ignorant but
intrigued by my feelings, followed the next day by "Who's Next."  She
didn't care so much for "Tommy" (I think she was distressed by the sick
gruesome aspects), but she quite liked Baba and WGFA, and Who's Next in
general (excepting "My Wife", interestingly but consistently, given its
dark side).  So afterward, I made her a Greatest Hits tape and sent it to
her, along with some notes about each song.  She didn't listen to it for
almost _three years_, but then wrote to say she had listened and was
astonished to find that she recognized about half the songs, but thought
they were by other groups.

Sounds to me like your friend will never forget you or the day she
discovered The Who...


"When I'm onstage...it's not like bein' possessed, it's just --
*I* *do* *my* *job*."  -- Pete Townshend