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Re: Needed - Rough Boys Video

Rich, re:

>but there are several other solo videos I 'd also love to have, including
all of Roger's from the 1980.  I also recall somebody (on AOL?) mentioning
having seen a Too Late The Hero video

I've got a pre-hi-fi tape (recorded mostly from the pre-Michael Jackson days
of MTV) of all kinds of videos (ie "Rough Boys", "Let My Love Open The Door",
"Eminence Front",  "Free Me", the "Face Dances" artist and video party, etc.)
And somewhere I have buried, hi-fi videos of "Walking In My Sleep", "After
The Fire" and ??? (I haven't watched these tapes in YEARS) I also have
"English Boy" and "Too Late The Hero" videos, and if I'm not mistaken, they
were shown on the PPV, the 1/2 hour before the LA Amphitheater show. I must
have 100s of tapes (all unlabeled) that I'd need to go through to find all
this "stuff". But it does exist! I think I even have the Howard Stern
interview with JAE and Steve Luongo where they do, "Behind One Eye" (to pay
their respects to Sammy Davis, Jr.)

I'm going to start cataloging my Who paper goods, and then my audio and video
soon, so myabe I'll actually know what I have... I'll be glad to copy any of
this stuff for anyone, but first I have to find it!

hMMM... I may even have the Barbara Streisand video with Roger Daltrey... 

wf <~