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Re: Word from England, re: Isle Of Wight (and more)

>Contracts haven't been signed and only two tracks have been mixed for release
>on an "Isle Of Wight" (various artists) CD... 

Does this mean they haven't even mixed the Who disk(s) yet? Ooof! I expected
them today.

>In other Who news, "Tommy" and "Quadrophenia" have been completed and are
>awaiting "approval" from Pete and others before being released. "Who By
>Numbers" is currently being worked on, but with NO bonus tracks slated,
>unless WE (yes you too) can come up with some suggestions. I suggested some
>of the "live" "Who By Numbers" tracks from the '75 tour, but the problem is a
>potential conflict with the 2CD "live" that's planned. I'll be faxing England
>in the next few days, so if you can come up with some good ideas based on
>your own "collection" of tapes from that period, PLEASE do so, and I'll be
>sure to incorporate your ideas in my letter. (If many of you DO speak up,
>I'll be happy to address the letter from "The Who Fans Of The Internet" and
>post it here for editing BEFORE it goes out via fax to Pete Townshend, Jon
>Astley and Chris Charlesworth.)

TWO DISKS??? The live set will only be two disks? It should be four, at the
very least! That's one thing I would ask you to pass along...
Of course, I totally agree that they should use a single performance of
TOMMY live (you know I've been pushing for it at least six months, and even
wrote Charlesworth myself), and the Leeds version would be fine with me. I
agree that if they are to have only two disks (I just can't believe it) then
they should release the live TOMMY separately. And all from one show; each
performance had its own ebb and flow...taking bits and pieces will destroy that.
Really, they should set up the live set like this: one disk `64-`69, one
disk TOMMY live, one disk `71-`72, one disk QUAD live, and one disk `74-`89.
FIVE disks. Yes? Any agreement here? Wouldn't you guys buy it? Hell, this is
a live career retrospective! Two disks is just another live album. This is
another thing I would ask you to pass along. This should also deal with the
Moon/Jones situation. And I would also like to suggest that they include as
many off the wall songs as possible...do we really need yet another version
of My Generation? I would rather have Born On The Bayou (Dallas `89) or a
`67 I Can See For Miles.
I think you're right about including live tracks with WBN. Good idea there.
And what about Dance It Away (or is that too early)? At the very least they
should fill the damned thing to the brim.
 Cheers                                ML