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RE: Who's Missing+Two's MissingSun Dec 7 12:53:45 PST 1997

>I love my old copies of Who's Missing+Two's Missing on LP. They have the
>cool notes on the back covers written by Pete and John. If you haven't seen
>them check them out in a used record store...they're hard to find though on
>Lp, but these notes aren't on the cd versions.

I've never seen the Lp versions of these.   On my tape of Two's Missing, 
there are at least a few lines written by John Entwistle for each song. 
 John talks about him being on his honeymoon and Pete playing bass for the 2 
Stones songs etc.  Am I correct in hoping that these notes are the same as 
the Lp liner notes?

Yeah the notes are pretty funny - can't wait till that book of John's comes