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dear who fans,
I'm sending this letter as a warning. I bought a copy of Happy 
Jack/Quick one a few months ago for $6.00 I thought it was a great 
price and I took it home and listened to it and notice that the sound 
quality was terrible! It sounded just like a record. Searching for 
answers to why my cd was so terrible I looked on the back and it said 
it had not been remastered yet and looking at most of the Who's cds I 
noticed they were not remastered either. So next time you get a cd by 
The Who make sure it is remastered or it will have very poor sound 
quality. I am sure that people have written about this before but i 
am writting this letter just incase they haven't.

Doug Shatford
P.O.Box 398
Amherst, Nova Scotia
B4H 1Y5