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I've subscribed to this list for a while now, but haven't tried to post 
anything. Please forgive me if I screw it up; never tried posting from 
this gawdawful email-only account...

In the latest SPIN magazine (pg. 82) Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, in 
answer to the question "What music are you inspired by these days?", 
says that "I've heard Pete Townshend demos of songs he's never released, 
perhaps because of their honesty, perhaps he didn't want to hurt his 
wife's feelings.". Does anybody know which songs he's referring to? I'm 
familiar with Scoop & Another Scoop, but was wondering if he might have 
been referring to never-before-heard (at least by ME) titles. I would 
assume that the "wife" reference indicates that the songs deal with 
other men/women.

I'll ask another question while I'm here- Where can I find 
Who/PDBT/other boots (CD format preferred)? I live in Florida and would 
like to buy or order decent boots (would love a decent copy of their 
1982 Orlando, FL show - nostalgia). I don't have anything to trade, I'm 
just a long-time Who fan who craves new Who-related musical experiences.

Happy Holidays to all,