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Re: Psychoderelict Live??

Besides the home video--including  "Won't Get Fooled Again / Let's See
Action" and "Magic Bus" which weren't originally broadcast on the Pay-Per-
View from which the video is taken--there is 2-CD bootleg of the show,
_Music Must Change_, from Red Phantom.  It contains a straight audio dub
of the actual Pay-Per-View show, complete with faulty microphones on the
actors, as well as Pete's somewhat embarassing request to "Put up the words
to 'Kids Are Alright'" [on the teleprompter!], "North Country Fair," and
"Goodnight Irene,"  all of which the commercial video release drops.
Sound quality is pretty good for a bootleg--probably transferred directly
from a good Hi-Fi VCR.

It also includes versions of "Heart to Hang On To" and "A Quick One While
He's Away" for NYC's Beacon Theatre on 12 July 1993.  Sound Quality here is
noticeably weaker, but it's great to have these two cuts--he did "Heart"
when I saw him, and it makes up for the fact that the "Who" didn't do
"A Quick One" in '89 at he show I was at.

The CD runs USD$40-50, depending on who's selling.  Even if you've already got
the video, the CDs are worth it for the extras, IMHO.
--Gene Kannenberg