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Re: TheWho Digest Vol 1 Num 246

IN digest #246 ... solonely@cats.ucsc.edu  wrote

>  Has anyone out there tried writing Trousers himself?

then  cwilson@uism.bu.edu  wrote

>This was a question discussed around the time I joined the list, last spring.
>>I remember there were varied responses, but this is what has worked for me:
>           Pete Townshend
>           The Boat House
>           Ranelagh Drive
>           Twickenham TW1 1QZ
>           ENGLAND

Just after this was first mentioned on the list last spring ... May I
guess, I wrote a letter to Pete asking a few questions and generally
thanking him for all the great music over the years.  No response yet ...
about 7 months later.

I wonder if I had sent in a picture if he wouldn't have turned it around
faster ... maybe.

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