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I've received letters from "Generations" publishers John Atkins
and Phil Hopkins respectively. They had some very interesting
Who-news to share:

The "Live at Leeds" rerelease is due on 15/2/95 (where?
Europe, USA, world?). According to John, the soundquality
has been vastly improved, and many of the crackles have
been removed. It will include a booklet written by Chris
Charlesworth as well as photos taken on the night.

The informations varies as to the exact contents of the actual
CD though. It _will_ be a single CD, and the definite extra
tracks at this time seem to be:

1 Heaven&Hell 2 Fortune Teller 3 I'm a Boy 4 Can't Explain
5  Amazing Journey

Other extra tracks being considered are: 
Tattoo , Happy Jack, A Quick One, Ouverture

So, they may release everything, ie the pre-Tommy warmup and
the post-Tommy "warmdown", but virtually exclude the actual
Tommy performance, and keep the running order of the songs
as they were played in 1970 (more or less). In other words, the
extra tracks won't be tagged on to the end.

Jon Astley has also finished work on a Pete Townshend "Best of"
CD, which will include 2 Psychoderelict out takes.

The most interesting info, however, is that Jon is working on a
project called "Lifehouse". Whether this means that they're
aiming at producing a CD box, or just some extra tracks for
"Who's Next" I don't know. Unfortunately, many of the master
tapes from this time are missing, but some rare Who recordings
have been found like "Mary" and "Time is Passing". John Atkins
has pointed Jon in direction of some recordings, the titles of
which I've never heard before!

Astley is also working on the 2 CD live retrospective. Apparently
he'll be open for suggestions about this, so write to Generations
or this forum (thewho-list) for opinions. It seems our opinions
_do_ matter after all!

The best thing would be if Jon Astley could get Internetted, so
the information, and response, would be fast and up to date.

My opinion is still to release a single CD of San Francisco '71 or
Swansea '76, but maybe after the rerelease of "Live at Leeds",
and all the extra tracks, such a release isn't of such interest
anymore. (?)

I'm sure more details about all this can be found in the next
issue of Generations (#14), probably due in February/March.

- Svante

  Svante Boerjesson<svante@df.lth.se>, Malmoe, Sweden. Phone: (+46) 40 916403