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post-moon who

I just took a listen to both Face Dances and It's Hard and I think that the
big problem with Face Dances is  the total absence of any real guitar on half
the songs.  Instead, we get a lot of wimpy keyboard tinkling in the
background.  Jones' drums and Daltrey are mixed quite a bit more to the front
(not where Jones belongs) and the bass is rather pronounced and downright
evil sounding.  This is probably my favorite sounding bass although the bass
lines are not at all typical of John and leave a lot of air.  This whole
album is not at all typical of the Who.  After hearing Face Dances, even the
weaker material on It's Hard seemed great (Man Is A Man, Why Did I Fall...).
 The song structure on this album is not that different from Face Dances, but
the production is much much fuller.  Keyboards are strong and full, guitar is
not always the focus but makes a definite presence, the drums seem mixed back
to the right level.  This one is actually a good album.  There was talk of
putting both these on one CD, but I don't think they would fit at over 80min.
Favorite post-Moon (no order):
Another Tricky Day
Eminence Front
Cry If You Want
It's Your Turn
I've Known No War