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Re: bounced mail (from anon server back to Who list)

BLAIR@printing.uwex.edu writes:

> No, You are not alone....I've gotten 2 messages so far as follows:

> I'm going to e-mail to let them know how absurd this seems...maybe
> it's one of those funny things that happens once in a while.

As someone who has used the anon service, little about the
automatically generated message seems absurd to me. 

It does seem entirely possible that someone may
want to subscribe to leisure-topic lists (not to
say that the Who list is not as essential
as oxygen, food, and sex) without their "real" 
ID being known. (IE from a work account.)

Since some list server software allows members to review 
the list of all those addresses currently subscribed to
a list, "anonymous" signups can serve as a way to maintain 
some privacy.

(In extreme cases like this, however, I'd say it's time 
for our closeted Who fan to maybe think about a pay 

No real Who content, sorry - just my thought that the
proposed email on the topic to the anon admin guy seems 
more absurd to me than the informative message which was 
automatically generated and sent out.

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