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>Cheryl writes:
>I am no soundmaster/mixing guru, etc., but it seems to me that many tunes are
>recorded this way (i.e. not mono vs. stereo but some voice parts or
>instrumentation on one "side" of the sound).  Could this be true?  Any
>experts out there?

Not that I call myself an expert, but you're right, many songs from the
60's and early 70's were recorded this way, especially in the early days of
stereo (recall PT's comment in KAAR about listening to the Beatles on "new
stereo equipment" and turning down the rythym side to discover that the vocals
were "bloody awful"). "Won't Get Fooled Again" is another Who song that springs
to mind that is mixed with a high degree of separation, most notably in the
long synthesizer section in the middle.  Live At Leeds is also mixed this way,
probably because they wanted to retain the "bootleg" feel.  Generally, the
practice has subsided, I think because music mixed with less separation tends
to have more of the "wall-o-sound" that is so favored by younger (age 13-20)

>When I've accidentally turned off one speaker in the car and heard a song this
>way, it often helps me better hear the harmony, bass guitar, etc.  so
>(theoretically) I could learn the song more easily!

Congrats!  You've just discovered the way that thousands of us who learned how
to play in the 70's figured out a great many songs!