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Re: Bitmaps of album covers

REGARDING                re>Bitmaps of album covers
Daniel wrote->

>Does anyone have/know where I can find, scanned images of Who album
>covers -- in particular "Tommy"?

I have about half a dozen images in Macintosh PICT format which I scanned in
from my CD slips and they look pretty darn good (great for desktop
backgrounds).  I can convert them to whatever format suits you best (TIFF, GIF
etc).  I don't have Tommy but can easily get it scanned as I have access to all
the necessary gear.  Give me a day or two.
Off hand I think the images I have are "Who Are You", "Who Sellout", "Magic
Bus", "It's Hard", "Who's Missing", "My Generation", and "Ods & Sods".

I seem to remember someone offering an FTP site to store this sort of stuff so
that everyone can have access.  If someone can point me in the right direction
I'll zap em up there.

On another note...
I caught 'Liztomania' for the first time on TV the other night.  Weird.....