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The naming of Zeppelin

Hi gang,

A while ago there was a thread about how Led Zeppelin was named.  I just
picked up a book called _Rock Talk_ edited by Joe and John Kohut that just
came out.  I shouldn't have gotten it, but it just jumped off the shelf and
into my hands (Isn't that always the way with CDs also).

It is actualy a good read.  It's all quotes from mostly rock stars, with
some critics and regular people thrown in.  One of the chapters is about
the naming of bands and this is a quote from John Entwistle:

"Led Zeppelin is a good name, isn't it?  I made it up.  Everybody says
Keith Moon made it up, but he didn't.  About four years ago I was realy
gettin' fed up with the Who....  And I was talking with a fellow who is the
production manager for the Led Zeppelin now.  I was talking to him down in
a club in New York.  And I said, 'Yeah, I'm thinking of leaving the group
and forming my own group.  I'm going to call the group Led Zeppelin.  And
I'm going to hava an LP cover with like the Hindenburg going down in flames,
and, you know, this whole business.'  And like two months later he was working
for Jimmy Page and, like, they were looking for a name, and so he suggested
Led Zeppelin, and Page liked it, and they came out with the same LP cover
that I'd planned."

The book didn't list the source or year, but in the back it listed the sources
for the book including 60 newspapers and magazines and 70 books.

So, this puts the Kieth Moon rumor to bed.