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Further _Tommy_ schedule

Just a note that _Tommy_ just left Austin for Palm Springs, CA.
Although the audiences here were described as some of the most
receptive/enthusiastic on the tour so far, the engagement will lose
money for the producers because of the short run.  Planned Tuesday or
Wednesday-night openings are frequently being cancelled and replaced
with matinees the following day :-(, so keep in close touch with the
venues.  In cities where longer stays of 2-3 weeks have been held,
they've been setting attendance records; in cities where they have a
one-week run (which is actually only 4 performing days, after setup and
takedown times are considered) they are losing money

The shows kicks butt.  Get your tickets early and prefer center seats
over close seats, if you have to make a choice, for both sound balance
and optimum visual impact.  Sound is _not_ a problem; it is louder than
the Broadway production.  Although there are 8 musicians as opposed to
B'way's 14, the sound does not suffer IMHO.  My bet is that you will
want to see it more than once (s***, do I sound like a press agent yet??

Projected further engagements are:

San Francisco		War Mem./Opera House	Jun 7 - Jul 3

Cupertino		Flint Center		Jul 5 - Jul 10

Los Angeles		Universal Amphitheatre	Jul 12 - Aug 21

San Diego		Starlight Bowl		Aug 23 - Sep 11

Denver			Temple Buell Th.	Sep 13 - Oct 2

Chicago			The Auditorium		Oct 4 - Oct 30

Philadelphia		Forrest Th.		Nov 11 - Dec 18

Washington DC		Kennedy Center		Dec 20 - Jan 29, '95

more probably to follow