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Hey! anniversary

Looking thru old messages, I noticed that today is the 20th anniversary
of Pete's first solo concert appearance!  How 'bout that?

> Does anyone know if there is tape circulating of PT's solo gig at the Roundhouse
> (I believe) in the late 70's? It was his first official solo concert appearance 
> and it's always been a curiosity of mine to hear it.
 Yes it does exist. I just traded for a version of it but it seems rather 

My version :	Pete Townshend Roundhouse Theatre 4/14/74

	Big Boss Man
	You can Join my Band
	Behind Blue Eyes
	NYC Blues
	Girl from North Country
side 2
	Let's see Action
	My Generation I & II ( plays a tape of his demo and then the Who's)

	studio outakes
	Here 'Tis	(i think this is the jimi page version)
	Zoot Suit	(ditto)
	Anywhere, Anyhow
	Dancin in the Street
	It's not true

The live show is average in quality. But quite interesting !

The studio Outakes were excellent .

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