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Today's Cyber-Sleaze Report

Hi Gang,
Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone know about this?  This is from Adam Cury at MTV. Is this
the Roger thing?

Thanks in advance,
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                            THE CYBER SLEAZE REPORT

Friday April 8, 1994

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Mtley Cre are readying for thier first tour in years. The newly single
tattooed drum god, Tommy Lee told me about the Cre's attack plan. Tommy said,
"I'm dying to get out there. The plan right now is to do the arena thing. We
always like to play a few clubs here and there. I'm sure we will." "We'll take
(the new Mtley singer) John Corabi to a few places to get shows under his
belt." Tommy Lee will also join the surviving members The Who this summer,
sitting in for the late great Keith Moon. Lee shouted, "Yeah man, I don't know
alot about the events yet, but it would be an honor and a half to play with
those guys. I don't know when the dates are, but I know it's coming up." Mtley
Cre's Tommy Lee playin' with The Who. That combination will kick butt all over
the place!