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No Subject

For people who are interested in getting stuff, the best way I know to
deal with buying it for you is for you to send me a money order for
however much you want to spend (remember to include approximate shipping
costs -- which will of course be minimal if all they have is postcard-
size stuff), along with any instructions on the kind of stuff you want,
and whether you want me to use my judgment and get something close to
what you wanted if they don't have it exactly, or just want the MO
returned.  I've been a fan of the group for years, and will do the best
I can to select good stuff if there's nothing that meets your exact
criteria (whatever they may be), but you'll have to rely on my judgment
to some extent.  Also, I hope to stop by the gallery before the exhibit
officially opens and get some skinny on what will be there so you and I
both can go in informed.  I hope they have posters as well as smaller
sizes for sale, but at the moment I have no more info than what I've
already posted.

Since the opening is next Wednesday (the 13th), you'd probably have to
express-mail the MO to me (2-day delivery, $2.90) (international folx
e-mail me to make arrangements).  At this point I really don't have any
more idea than you do of what will be there, but I'll be happy to do all
I can to get you what you'd like.


Mailing address:

Alan McKendree
3500 W. Balcones Ctr. Dr.
Austin, TX   78759-5398