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Re: Tommy performances

Hi there,
  I haven't heard a bootleg of Tommy in many years, but maybe they 
were skipping Sally Simpson, like they did at the two '89 Tommy
shows, therefore making it incomplete?

> Someone must be smokin some 25 year old stash.  The Who performed Tommy
> in its entirety almost non-stop for two years after the initial release
> The first post-release tour that hit Chicago had the Who performing at
> a Fillmore-esque club known as the Kinetic Playground (aka the Electric
> Theatre.)  The opening act that night, BTW, was the Buddy Rich Big Band.
> By the end of that tour they had graduated to larger venues, and the
> next swing through Chicago had them playing at the Auditorium Theatre.
> Great concert, except during SEE ME, FEEL ME when the entire sound 
> system shot craps, and all that was left was the instruments coming
> through the amps on stage.  In any case, the '75 performance cited may
> have been the only time that year (or tour) that they played Tommy 
> from start to finish.
> Todd